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What is the Festival of Trees?

Baby Admiring a Christmas Tree
What is Renfrew County Festival of Trees?

Festival of Trees is the annual signature event for Renfrew County Child Poverty Action Network (CPAN).  This event is one way we can raise awareness to the negative impact that poverty has on people’s lives right here, in our own backyards. At the same time, it is a means to provide sustainable funding that will allow CPAN to continue its work, helping our most vulnerable citizens – our children.  


Renfrew County has many children living in poverty. Overall, 15.3% are living in poverty, with figures as high as 39%!  Children are valuable members of our community and we believe that all children deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential in life despite their family income. 


CPAN is not government funded and relies totally on our kind and caring community to continue our much-needed work.  This year more than ever we need your help. With donations down and the need rising due to COVID-19 we need to ensure that our most vulnerable do not slip further into the cracks. 


Funds raised from Festival of Trees are used to operate programs created and run by CPAN, helping local children in need.  CPAN is not government funded so relies totally on donations, grants and fundraisers. Festival of Trees is our major fundraising event. 


The goal of CPAN is to allow every child to reach their full potential in life, we do this by removing barriers, and providing practical assistance such as back-to-school items and winterwear.  We believe all children deserve the chance to thrive equally.    


We believe that when helping children, and giving them hope, every day is Christmas. 

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